Electromagnetic radiation analysis meter SMP600 of converting station

Electromagnetic radiation analysis meter of converting station

The electromagnetic radiation analysis meter of converting station, are used for evaluating various electromagnetic environments and human body’s safe environments. Totally follow the main current standard in the People’s Republic of China, it is not the ionizing radiation to measure extremely accurately.

u Omnibearing electromagnetic field probe of specialized three-dimension of electromagnetic radiation

u Colored to defend the glare screen

u The unit supports V/m, kV/m, A/m, uW/cm2, mW/cm2, W/m2, nT, uT, mT, T, %

u The built-in national standard GB of the People’s Republic of China 8702-2014 (the limit of electromagnetic environmental control)

u A key cuts and rejects the function

Have strong spectrum analysis functions, electric field intensity and magnetic induction intensity used for measuring in surrounding environment such as the high-pressure power transmission and transformation system, converting station, power distribution room, induction furnace, subway, trolley accurately; For the measurement, diagnosis of the daily electromagnetic field environment; Being used in accurate measurement may be stored in the radiant intensity in the electromagnetic field environment, include measuring electric field intensity and magnetic induction intensity appointed in public safety zone in the environment

The instrument is suitable for:

u Environmental background survey

u High-pressure power transmission and transformation system, power distribution room

u Environmental field strength measurement of the industrial domain electricity consumption place

u Environmental test of mains frequency

u University, electromagnetic radiation research work of research institute

u Electromagnetic radioprotective measurement of operational site

u University, electromagnetic radiation research work of research institute

Monitoring of occupational health, electromagnetic radiation of Center for Disease Prevention and Control

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Fax: 86
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Step-by-step driver type complete collections of MD-2 of direct current of Japan MD-2 two phase of Shenzhen

Contact: Liu Mr. ( Sales manager)
Tel.: 13929401676
Contact: Ye Mr. ( Sales engineer)
Tel.: 13538532223
Fixed telephone number: 0769-85269398
Company’s fax: 0769-85269528
QQ: 987956228

Websites: http://www.tunyo.com.cn/

1. The stepping motor changes the electric pulse signal into the open loop control component of angular rotation or linear displacement. Are not exceeding the complete collections of step-by-step driver type of direct current of Japan MD-2 two phase of Shenzhen
Under the situation loaded, the rotational speed of the electrical machinery, position stopped only depend on frequency and pulses number of the pulse signal, without the complete collections of step-by-step driver type of direct current of Japan MD-2 two phase of Shenzhen
Influenced by variation on load, namely add a pulse signal for the electrical machinery, the electrical machinery turns over a step pitch angle. Complete collections of this a gleam of step-by-step driver type of direct current of Japan MD-2 two phase of Shenzhen
The existence of the sexual relations, in addition, such characteristics as the stepping motor has periodic error only and not has accumulated error. Make it complete collections of in the step-by-step driver type of direct current of Japan MD-2 two phase of Shenzhen of the speed
What controlled fields such as degree, position,etc. are controlled and changed with stepping motor is very simple. Complete collections of step-by-step driver type of direct current of Japan MD-2 two phase of Shenzhen
Complete collections of step-by-step driver type of direct current of Japan MD-2 two phase of Shenzhen
2.What is a step-by-step electrical machine, the stepping motor is that one kind turns electric pulse into the actuating mechanism of angular rotation. A bit more popular
Say ª¬, as the step-by-step driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepping motor to rotate one according to the direction presumed
Stationary angle and angle of entrance of step. The displacement of control angle that you can come through the number of control impulse is to reach accurately
The purpose, the control electric machine rotation speed and acceleration ª© that you can come through controlling impulse frequency are to reach speed governing at the same time

09 step-by-step drivers

09 stepping motor drivers
20 step-by-step drivers
11 step-by-step drivers

11 stepping motor drivers
28 step-by-step drivers
14 step-by-step drivers

14 stepping motor drivers
35 step-by-step drivers
17 step-by-step drivers

17 stepping motor drivers
42 step-by-step drivers
23 step-by-step drivers

23 stepping motor drivers
57 step-by-step drivers
24 step-by-step drivers

24 stepping motor drivers
60 step-by-step drivers
34 step-by-step drivers

34 stepping motor drivers
86 step-by-step drivers
42 step-by-step drivers

42 stepping motor drivers
110 step-by-step drivers
54 step-by-step drivers

54 stepping motor drivers
130 step-by-step drivers

Contacts: Liu WeiFeng
Telephone: 860769-85269398
Fax: 86
Email: 1257921831@qq.com
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ECOTTER capacitive label sensor CFU-100CFU-100

ECOTTER CFU-100 capacitive label sensor

Submit the article: Mechanical manufacturing technology Development Co., Ltd. of the work of nature of Shenzhen 2017/11/25 17:40:01

Star: Popularity: 75

  • Key word:
    Sensor CFU-100 labeller of the label
    Product classification:
    Discrete sensor
    About products: ECOTTER capacitive label sensor CFU-100

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Three phases mix the soft actuator G3JA-CG3JA-C

[color =# 000000 ] ‘ B ] it realize whether bypass electrical relay and electric motors built-in start / stop by actuator that is small and exquisite steadily ‘ /B ] [/color ]

[color =# FF0000 ] [B ] is in order to prevent the impact when starting, needs to adopt soft turn on.
Adopted the frequency converter to control in the past, adopted G3JA now, the cost was lower, the saving in space. [/B][/color]

The characteristic is introduced:
• All power products are the same in volume!
• Including soft turn on, step start and soft stop contourgraph function.
• The electric motor uses the limit electric current of the semiconductor thyratron to carry on phase control while starting, the bypass electrical relay minimizes energy consumption when the electric motor works.
• Control the three-phase Line 3 electric motor.
• Electrical relay in hot year of built-in electron.
• Excessive heatings built-in, oppisite phase, open phase /last opening a way, electric current uneven and SCR failure diagnosis of shorting out.
• CULus has already been listed; Accord with IEC standard.
• Install or to DIN guide rail with the screw.
• Built-in operation / display lamp of the trouble.
• It is used in the expicity secondary contact of the trouble that built-in.
• The built-in secondary contact is in order to export the running condition.
• Can add an available piece of secondary contact in order to export the running condition.

Contacts: —
Telephone: 86021-50372222
Fax: 86021-50372200/2211
Web site: http://www.fa.omron.com.cn
Address: Pudong New Area room 2211 Building of Bank of China No. 200 Yincheng Zhong Road in Shanghai

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485 unites the mesh-type central air conditioner thermostat iTC602

The iTC602 series 485 of thinking of sea unite the contact type room thermostat of liquid crystal of mesh-type, inherit the sea and think of the consistent high-quality design, make the idea. This series of products adopt the large screen digital display control technique, the high-performance ARM microcomputer chip, the output device of world first-class quality, high sensitive contact type key set are operated, modularization power, the components and parts adopt the technical grade standard, , reliability service and realizing intelligent energy-conservation, ensuring human comfortableness to offer the reliable technological assurance in order that the precision, system of promoting controlling the temperature are more steady.
Fig. 1 Think of 485 and unite the touch-type air conditioner thermostat of mesh-type in the sea

First, iTC602 series 485 unite the contact type room thermostat products summary of liquid crystal of the mesh-type

In the building in automatic control trade employ, RS485 field bus technology is regarded as the open, low cost, mature communication technology of technology, widely used. Control valid energy-conservation to the end fan coil unit of central air conditioner, it is the important constituent element controlled in energy-conservation of central air conditioner. Unite the contact type room thermostat of liquid crystal of mesh-type in the sea series iTC602 based on that RS485 bus line technology researches and develops independently of thinking, suitable for controlling, controlling the water system four times, apply to the heating of the advanced property, networked intellectual control of indoor temperature of refrigeration central air conditioner extensively two times. The operation panel can presume the indoor temperature value that you hope conveniently and swiftly, presume the air blower three-speed, water valve opening/closing, the control of eight interval of time, achieve the comfortable, energy-conserving goal.

Second, iTC602 series 485 unite the contact type room thermostat products characteristic of liquid crystal of the mesh-type

1,RS485 bus line communication interface, it is apt to insert the building automatic control system;

2,Communication protocol: Modbus RTU, the communication baud rate of acquiescence is 9600bps/s;

3,The thermostat is regarded as Modbus slave station, 31 joinable thermostats of 485 bus lines of one;

4,Displayable work pattern, setting temperature, indoor temperature, indoor humidity, operational mode, wind speed, clock, water valve opening/closing of operation panel;

5,The operation panel adopts the top-grade contact type key set, cooperate with macro-screen type liquid crystal display, the interface is more friendly;

6,Adopt the high-performance modularization power, offer the stable work environment for systematic reliability service;

7,Adopt the electrical relay of world first-class quality as the output control device, reliability is higher, the life-span is longer;

8,Adopt the high-performance microcomputer control chip technology, has improved stability and anti-interference that this machine runs, and offer strong technical support for the fact that the further function is expanded;

9,The regular function of four interval of time, the parameter can presume, the energy-conserving result is better;

10,Support to control, control the water system four times two times;

11,Support the two-wire system, electronic water valve of three wire system;

12,Highly sensitive touch-type key set, promote users to experience degree, and lengthen the thermostat life time;

13,The preferential principle of remote control, guarantee the effective energy-conservation of air conditioner of indoor;

14,The white carries the grain side board, it is convenient to operate at night;

15,Protect the function at low temperature. The thermostat is in shut-down state, when indoor temperature is lower than ¡æ5, the thermostat opens the heating and reveals automatically ” ” The symbol, the air blower runs and turns on the motor driven valve (molding four tubes turn on the hot water valve) at a high speed automatically . When indoor temperature rises to 7 ¡æ, the automatic closing of the thermostat shut downs. Guarantee the indoor fan coil unit and safe operation under the environment of low-temperature of the relevant apparatus;

16,The appearance design of the fashion, it is apter to incorporate the house ornamentation environment;

17,The supply indicator is adopted ” Breathe ” The type is designed, humanization;

18,The standard 86 box is installed.

Third, iTC602 series 485 unite thermostat performance index and parameter 1, working power of mesh-type room: 85V 280V hands in D. C. supply, 50/60Hz; ? 2,Control signal: Establish the electricity by cable and close signals; 3,Exterior size: 86mmx86mmx37mm; 4,The temperature presumes the range: 5 ¡æ- 45 ¡æ; 5,The temperature reveals the definition: 0.1 ¡æ; 6,The control accuracy of the temperature: ¡À is 0.5 ¡æ; ? Examine the warm error: Less than or equal to 0.5 ¡æ; 7,The humidity reveals the definition: 1%.

Contacts: Manager Cheng
Telephone: 8602552804590
Fax: 8602552804690
Email: highsys@163.com
Web site: http://www.highsys.com.cn
Address: Road No. 1-2 to the friendship river of Qin the Huaihe River district of Nanjing

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Port KYF8K-M8-K3 of port 12 of M8 line concentrator 8 of junction box of induction switch

With the mass use of integrated circuit routing of the industrial automation higher M8 line concentrator, all kinds of environment for use expedites the emergence of more appropriate appearance structure; ” Co-fly ” responds to market demand, M8 line concentrator can connect a plurality of sensors, and pass sensory and corresponding signal and mains voltage of a multicore cable, can reduce installing and facial suture expenses greatly.

8 port 12 ports of M8 splitter adopt and stagger the way, in order to suit more and use live, leave enough space for field joint, make the installation personnel more convenient and twist the tight coupling.

The name of product: M8 interface unit line concentrator

Item Model: M8 splitter

Connection mode: M8 interface – pre-bussed line styles screw joint M8 *1 of No. 8

Export the type: PNP or NPN

Connect the specification: M8 hole end 3 core

The cable material is PVC or PUR

This kind of M8 interface unit junction box conductor arrangement homework is simple, can avoid the situation of the line of misfit takes placing, can shorten the engineering time of conductor arrangement effectively, raise operating efficiency, lower the cost of conductor arrangement and save the on-the-spot space, relative elevation of the sexual valence!

Application of products
The on-the-spot bus network of the style of opening, for instance: DeviceNet, NMEA 2000
Control equipment of factory automation
Packaging, label and stream apparatus
Industrial automation instrument
LED display panel and outdoor LED are lighted

Extensively suitable for: Lathe control system, the sensor, field bus, locomotive orbit are measured, power distribution system.

The department of Shanghai meets the field bus products in France and can be substituted directly: Company products such as Turck, Binder, Lumberg, Sick, Balluff, P +F,etc..

Contacts: Hu BaoXin
Telephone: 8602164822118
Fax: 86
Email: 914953688@qq.com
Web site: http://kyfbest.com/about.asp
Address: Room 637, Building 1 on the road No. 440 to Cao’s treasure

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MFC gas quality flow controller DSN-MFC500

Dongguan the intersection of city and Der happy electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. was establish so far in 2002, the company researches and develops, designs, produces DSN series products – gas quality flow controller, flow indicator, flowrate display instrument independently, electronic controlling valve, gas mixed appearance,etc.. Such characteristics as the high, repeatability of the precision of the products is good, the speed of response is fast, soft turn on, stable and reliable, operating pressure range are wide. The installation of very arbitrary position, cooperate with DSN2000 flowrate display instrument or other flow controllers display instrument use, can also realize with the computer RS-232 connects, very convenient realization is automaticallied control directly. The products are applied to fields such as semiconductor, vaccum electron, solar energy, photovoltaic, gasification, medical treatment, Aero-Space, biotechnology, analytical instrument,etc. extensively. Our company is based on sincerity; Regard good service as the guide, quality leads; Innovating constantly; It is easy to use to operate.
Flow controller DSN-500 power 24V standard parameter of the small quantum
Standard medium: ( N2)
Quantum: ( 0~10,30) SLM
Allow precision: ¡À 1% F.S;
Repeat the precision: ¡À 0.2% F.S
Linearity: ¡À (0.5- 1) % F.S
Operating pressure differential range: 0.05- 0.3MPa;
Withstand voltage: 3,10MPa
Working ambient temperature: 5- 45 ¡æ;
The signal voltage of Input/Output: 0- +5.00V
Power: 24V
Electric connector: D15pin
Physical dimension: 130*28*121mm
Weight: About 1.0kg
Interface size: Swagelok : ¦µ 3. ¦µ 6. ¦µ 10.1/4 3/8 …
VCR connects: 1/4 3/8 1/8 …….
Heating type mass-flow gas meter namely Mass Flow Meter (abbreviate as MFM) Series DSN are new instruments in the measurement of gas flow, it doesn’t need to carry on pressure and temperature correction to different from other gas flowmeters, the gaseous mass flow rate of direct measurement, the possible quantum of a sensor is from extremely low to the high quantum. It is suitable for single gas and gaseous measurement of many components of fixed proportion.
The heating type mass-flow gas meter is a new instrument used for measure and the mass flow rate of carrier gas. It can be used for the petroleum, air, hydrocarbon gas, imflammable gas, gaseous monitoring of flue of industrial sectors such as chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, electricity, light industry, medicine, environmental protection,etc..

Contacts: Chen Yun
Telephone: 860769-22406633
Fax: 860769-22805958
Email: dgdexin@21cn.com
Web site: http://www.dsnmfc.com
Address: 5 of the south urban Guan Promised Land of main road 255 very much of Dongguan of Guangdong Province

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Ann sets up Anristu MS9740A spectrum analyzer MS9740A

Ann sets up Anristu MS9740A spectrum analyzer

Tan YanFei ( General manager) –S Jiang (specially help)

MS9740A spectrum analyzer, shortening scanning from the waveform to the whole testing time for data transmission to the external control equipment by a wide margin, and simplify and analyze the step, have very good cost performance, will make contributions to the improvement of production efficiency.
Under 0.2 second /test, 5nm speed, last time where the active devices analyze.
Allocate the application software used for specially commenting on the mere active device.
Spanking cost performance
Dynamic range characteristic above 58dB (from the place of the peak wavelength 0.4nm)
Minimum resolution of 30pm
A corresponding SM optic fibre, MM optic fibre Low power consumption ( 75V) , light (under 15kg)
MS9740A is that Ann sets up the new desk-top spectrum analyzer put out. Researching and developing the large dynamic range of MS9710C/MS9780A that the field is being used extensively for a long time in the past, on the high-performance basic characteristic foundation of optics that high-resolution,etc. is headed by, further improve the characteristic, have realized the high-speed test function required on the production line of mere active device strongly. Analytic from scanning in waveform to the waveform and data transmission to the external control equipment, have realized whole test speed under the short 0.2 seconds the most. Compared with type in the past, it is tested that the speed is 5 fold, namely test 1/5 of the time when only took in the past too.
To producer of the mere active device, it cuts down headed by optical transcreceiving module the intersection of device and production cost to be pieces of important subject. To the device tests the required test instrument, expect to be able to realize efficient appraisal tests to shorten testing time.
MS9740A spectrum analyzer, shortening scanning from the waveform to the whole testing time for data transmission to the external control equipment by a wide margin, and simplify and analyze the step, have very good cost performance, will make contributions to the improvement of production efficiency.
Applicable optic fibre 10¦Ì m/ 125¦Ì m SM optic fibre (ITU-T G.652) ,50¦Ì m/ 125¦Ì m GI optic fibre
The users swappable FC of optical connector, SC, ST, DIN, LC
Test the wavelength range 600nm – 1750nm
Wavelength precision *1 ¡À 20pm (1520nm -1620nm, dissociation energy: 0.03 to 0.2nm) *2,
¡À 100pm (1520nm -1620nm, dissociation energy: 0.5,1.0nm) *2
Wavelength definition 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0nm (RBW: 3dB passes the bandwidth)
Maximum inputs the luminous power +23dBm (mere ATT: On)
Dynamic range *A high dynamic range: 60dB (from the place of the peak wavelength 0.4nm)
Ordinary dynamic range: 58dB (from the place of the peak wavelength 0.4nm)
[Definition: 0.05nm, 1550nm, mere Att: Off, 20-30 ¡æ]
Scan the wavelength run-length: 0.2nm to 1200nm, 0nm
Scanning speed: ¨Q 0.2sec. (span 5nm) ,
[Definition: 0.1nm, VBW =10kHz, ordinary dynamic range mode, central wavelength 1550nm,
From sweep start to end, there is no light input, sampling points: pound; 501]
Size # 12539; Weight 426 (W) x 177 (H) x 350 (D) Mm (excluding the protector) ,¨Q 15.0kg (excluding the option)
*1: Use SM optic fibre (ITU-T G.652) , after the starting up is preheated for 2 hours
(While preheating, carrying on under Span100nm, VBW =Repeated sweep above 10kHz)
*2: The built-in wavelength corrects and uses the option of light source, implements the wavelength and corrects Wl cal (ref) And then, when temperature must

Contacts: Tan YanFei
Telephone: 86075521502766
Fax: 860755-21502766
Email: yixin1718@126.com
Web site: http://www.yqybshop.com
Address: Shenzhen the intersection of Medulla Junci and the intersection of newly developed area and the intersection of Chinese pine and the intersection of way and it remit of 408, A of mansion,

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Measure high-pressure cable, high-pressure cable thermoscope cable thermoscope YT-DL of temperature of electric wire

Types YT-DL series is infrared thermoscope it is every one can non-contact temperature ges walkie to measure targeted temperature, divided into two concrete types YT-DLJ-30, YT-DLY-30 according to the distance factor. Can apply electricity, railroad system to extensively, use for, measure, fail, turn electric line, the intersection of converting station and the intersection of electric equipment and connect and temperature of contact system into, can also measure the temperatures of different body surface used in other trade non-contacting at the same time.

Second, operating principle

Any is higher than absolute zero (- 273.5 ¡æ) Object infrared in meeting radiation for energy. The infrared thermoscope makes the infrared radiation of the testee have one that chose that was seen through through the precision optical system, and through infrared light energy assemble get probe,last corresponding electric signal energy probe, and then compensate the analog to digital converter, linearization and radiance through the electronic circuit, reveal temperature value on the liquid crystal display with the thermometric scale finally.

Products outside drawing of Fig. 1

Type: YT-DLJ-30

Type: YT-DLY-30

Fig. is 2 Liang type products appearance

Third, main technical parameter of instrument

Temperature measurement range

-30 ¡æ- 300 ¡æ

Survey accuracy

¡À is t¡À 2 ¡æ2% (t is reading value)

Spectral response

8um – -14um


1 ¡æ


¡À 1% or ¡À of the reading value is 1 ¡æ

Aim at the way

Coaxial laser aiming

Show and keep

Show keeping for 8 seconds

Distance factor

160: 1(SD-160)

200: 1(SD-200)

The radiance is revised

0.40- 1.00

Storage function

100 temperature points

Output interface


Instrument power consumption

Less than or equal to 50mA

Light button of the background

Laser switch

Use the environmental condition

Ambient temperature – 30 ¡æ- 50 ¡æ

The instrument supplies power

Laminated cell of 2 9Vs

Exterior size

High 220mm X long 236mm X thick 64mm



Contacts: Zhang YanHui
Telephone: 86029-89245788
Fax: 86029-89290593
Email: xagtcg@163.com
Web site: http://www.xaytcg.com.cn
Address: Xi’an is through the bright light path No. 55 of making area

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Multi-functional digital alternating and direct current crest voltmeter YJ

The digital mains frequency crest voltmeter is tested for the direct-flow upper voltage, ge that is designed of high-voltage test of mains frequency.

Technological characteristic:

The negative polarity direct-current volts straight in measurable quantity of this instrument, exchanges the crest value of the sine-wave voltage, crest value / 2,Rms value ( Available) .
In order to prevent the interference of electromagnetic field and power, has adopted a series of anti-jam measure in the circuit, so there is stronger resistance ability on various interference.
This instrument adds the appropriate voltage divider ‘ Resistance type, capacitive or composite capacitance-resistance) But expand the quantum arbitrarily, instruct the number value to get the actual value of the voltage examined.
This instrument all adopt the integrated circuit, the characteristic is steady, reliability is good, survey accuracy is high, it is simple and convenient to use, it is convenient to carry. Technical parameter: 1, The environment for use: Temperature: -10 ¡æ¡× 40 ¡æ& emsp; Relative humidity: Less than or equal to 80%
2,Examined the signal parameter: , negative polarity direct-current volts, exchange sine-wave voltage crest value, crest value / 2,Rms value ( Available) .
3,Examined the signal frequency: 0~1000Hz
4,Input impedance: Greater than or equal to 4M¦¸
5,Input voltage: Divide 800V, 400V, 200V three shelf (auto-switch)
6,Voltage ratio 1¡× 4999 presumes more freely
7,Survey accuracy: The signal frequency 0~1000Hz examined is superior to 5 words of 1% of the ¡À of ¡À
8,Reveal: 4 1/2 LED nixie tubes reveal
9,Electric power supply: 220V¡À 10% 50Hz¡À 2Hz
10,Power consumption: Less than or equal to 10W
11,Size: 320* 280* 130

Contacts: Mr. Zhang
Telephone: 8618962172766
Fax: 860512-82143031
Email: yjdzi@yahoo.com.cn
Web site: http://WWW.YJDZI.COM
Address: Settle the open road No. 60-3 in the looks urban area of Suzhou Take off the scientific and technological pioneer park of the tip

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