Three phases mix the soft actuator G3JA-CG3JA-C


[color =# 000000 ] ‘ B ] it realize whether bypass electrical relay and electric motors built-in start / stop by actuator that is small and exquisite steadily ‘ /B ] [/color ]

[color =# FF0000 ] [B ] is in order to prevent the impact when starting, needs to adopt soft turn on.
Adopted the frequency converter to control in the past, adopted G3JA now, the cost was lower, the saving in space. [/B][/color]

The characteristic is introduced:
• All power products are the same in volume!
• Including soft turn on, step start and soft stop contourgraph function.
• The electric motor uses the limit electric current of the semiconductor thyratron to carry on phase control while starting, the bypass electrical relay minimizes energy consumption when the electric motor works.
• Control the three-phase Line 3 electric motor.
• Electrical relay in hot year of built-in electron.
• Excessive heatings built-in, oppisite phase, open phase /last opening a way, electric current uneven and SCR failure diagnosis of shorting out.
• CULus has already been listed; Accord with IEC standard.
• Install or to DIN guide rail with the screw.
• Built-in operation / display lamp of the trouble.
• It is used in the expicity secondary contact of the trouble that built-in.
• The built-in secondary contact is in order to export the running condition.
• Can add an available piece of secondary contact in order to export the running condition.

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