The frequency is mutually transferred to the power SML31-400/50-3K


Often meet one grade of testing, composite system which the drive system formses of war products and industry under a lot of occasions. Will often meet the problem not compatible of power of interface in this kind of system. It is tested that the adoption simply is purpose-built or the measuring equipmemt is restricted by factors such as funds and substantial results,etc., especially easy to make mistakes under the outfield condition, so need to use intermediate frequency and worker frequently two sets supply power. SML series transfer power to, solve the problem mutually but design, it can realize arbitrary switch among the 50HZ-60HZ-400HZ various input output frequency. It forms the systems as one grade of products of every industry in an embedded power and system, have guaranteed the dependability of the whole system like this, has saved a large number of basic expenses. SML31-400/50-3K 1400 the intersection of HZ and the intersection of input and single-phase alternating current source that 50HZ exported in power in single-phase frequency conversion, its main characteristic offers the pure reliable, low harmonic wave the sinusoidal wave electricity of frequency and steady voltage rate of the distorted, high degree of stability is exported. Its function accords with the requirement that the military apparatus of 400Hz intermediate frequency supplies power and changes. SML31-400/50-3K is single-phase to exchange the power of frequency conversion to solve almost all the power of problems, such as inputting the high pressure, power question of inputting low pressure, voltage and falling, reducing shaking, high-pressure pulse, voltage fluctuating, wave and welling up the voltage, distorted, miscellaneous wave interfering with, frequency of harmonic wave and fluctuating instantlying etc.. Characteristic of the products

Equip and design for being military specially
Equip square cabin air conditioner and supply power to especially design to some type, and through every test that the subject worker of the spaceflight defended technical research to test the centre.
Pure to melt and output power quality
Pair varies technology, offer the pure and reliable sinusoidal wave electricity to export.
Stability is excellent
Instantaneous reaction speed soon
For that 100% except that year /load, within complex reaction time of 10mS, steady at 1% of ¡À(loads linear) outputting on load on steady voltage rate .
Strong overload capacity
Permit 100% to be fully loaded with delaying time to use long; As the specified electric current over 3 times of load capacity of twinkling of an eye, the apparatus can be born, and will not cause the voltage to pigeonhole and lower.
Safe multiple protection functions
Have voltage, pass electric current, pass high temperature, short out, protect and report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance the device. While meeting the unusual state, the electronic circuit of this machine will be measured automatically and protected immediately, send out calling the police at the same time, notify users and do the urgent state to deal with.
Suitable for several to support and use
Pure hindering, holding, the perceptual or non-linear load of electricity can be used. Index of performance Exchange, input the intersection of phase place and the intersection of three-phase and the intersection of line and the intersection of voltage and the intersection of line and 20% the intersection of frequency and 400HZ¡À, 220V¡À of voltage, + PE of the strategic hinterland of China, 20% exchange, output the intersection of phase place and single-phase the intersection of line and voltage 220V frequency 50HZ, +PE of Line 2, frequently Lead the degree of stability to be less than or equal to steady voltage rate of voltage 0.01% of ¡À and less than or equal to 1% of the degree of stability of load and less than or equal to 1% of the peak value electric current than distorted degree (THD) of 3 wave forms Less than or equal to 2% of the complex reaction time maximum 2ms efficiencies> 80% insulating reactance 500Vdc above 20M¦¸ is able to bear pressing insulating 1800Vac/5mA/1 to cool the device and force the fan to cool and protecting minute Protect the electronic circuit of the device and detect and examine the voltage fast, cross the electric current, the device has outputted and pressed and protected 235V¡À 2V overload capacity 150% to cross warmly and short out and report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance /Temperature of environment work – 40 ¡æ of one minute- 55 ¡æ relative humidity is 0-90% (not condense the state) The height above sea level 3000m permits the space is * wide Stretch inside * high 165* 500* 440 Mm products appearance

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