Multi-functional digital alternating and direct current crest voltmeter YJ


The digital mains frequency crest voltmeter is tested for the direct-flow upper voltage, ge that is designed of high-voltage test of mains frequency.

Technological characteristic:

The negative polarity direct-current volts straight in measurable quantity of this instrument, exchanges the crest value of the sine-wave voltage, crest value / 2,Rms value ( Available) .
In order to prevent the interference of electromagnetic field and power, has adopted a series of anti-jam measure in the circuit, so there is stronger resistance ability on various interference.
This instrument adds the appropriate voltage divider ‘ Resistance type, capacitive or composite capacitance-resistance) But expand the quantum arbitrarily, instruct the number value to get the actual value of the voltage examined.
This instrument all adopt the integrated circuit, the characteristic is steady, reliability is good, survey accuracy is high, it is simple and convenient to use, it is convenient to carry. Technical parameter: 1, The environment for use: Temperature: -10 ¡æ¡× 40 ¡æ& emsp; Relative humidity: Less than or equal to 80%
2,Examined the signal parameter: , negative polarity direct-current volts, exchange sine-wave voltage crest value, crest value / 2,Rms value ( Available) .
3,Examined the signal frequency: 0~1000Hz
4,Input impedance: Greater than or equal to 4M¦¸
5,Input voltage: Divide 800V, 400V, 200V three shelf (auto-switch)
6,Voltage ratio 1¡× 4999 presumes more freely
7,Survey accuracy: The signal frequency 0~1000Hz examined is superior to 5 words of 1% of the ¡À of ¡À
8,Reveal: 4 1/2 LED nixie tubes reveal
9,Electric power supply: 220V¡À 10% 50Hz¡À 2Hz
10,Power consumption: Less than or equal to 10W
11,Size: 320* 280* 130

Contacts: Mr. Zhang
Telephone: 8618962172766
Fax: 860512-82143031
Web site: http://WWW.YJDZI.COM
Address: Settle the open road No. 60-3 in the looks urban area of Suzhou Take off the scientific and technological pioneer park of the tip

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