MFC gas quality flow controller DSN-MFC500


Dongguan the intersection of city and Der happy electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. was establish so far in 2002, the company researches and develops, designs, produces DSN series products – gas quality flow controller, flow indicator, flowrate display instrument independently, electronic controlling valve, gas mixed appearance,etc.. Such characteristics as the high, repeatability of the precision of the products is good, the speed of response is fast, soft turn on, stable and reliable, operating pressure range are wide. The installation of very arbitrary position, cooperate with DSN2000 flowrate display instrument or other flow controllers display instrument use, can also realize with the computer RS-232 connects, very convenient realization is automaticallied control directly. The products are applied to fields such as semiconductor, vaccum electron, solar energy, photovoltaic, gasification, medical treatment, Aero-Space, biotechnology, analytical instrument,etc. extensively. Our company is based on sincerity; Regard good service as the guide, quality leads; Innovating constantly; It is easy to use to operate.
Flow controller DSN-500 power 24V standard parameter of the small quantum
Standard medium: ( N2)
Quantum: ( 0~10,30) SLM
Allow precision: ¡À 1% F.S;
Repeat the precision: ¡À 0.2% F.S
Linearity: ¡À (0.5- 1) % F.S
Operating pressure differential range: 0.05- 0.3MPa;
Withstand voltage: 3,10MPa
Working ambient temperature: 5- 45 ¡æ;
The signal voltage of Input/Output: 0- +5.00V
Power: 24V
Electric connector: D15pin
Physical dimension: 130*28*121mm
Weight: About 1.0kg
Interface size: Swagelok : ¦µ 3. ¦µ 6. ¦µ 10.1/4 3/8 …
VCR connects: 1/4 3/8 1/8 …….
Heating type mass-flow gas meter namely Mass Flow Meter (abbreviate as MFM) Series DSN are new instruments in the measurement of gas flow, it doesn’t need to carry on pressure and temperature correction to different from other gas flowmeters, the gaseous mass flow rate of direct measurement, the possible quantum of a sensor is from extremely low to the high quantum. It is suitable for single gas and gaseous measurement of many components of fixed proportion.
The heating type mass-flow gas meter is a new instrument used for measure and the mass flow rate of carrier gas. It can be used for the petroleum, air, hydrocarbon gas, imflammable gas, gaseous monitoring of flue of industrial sectors such as chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, electricity, light industry, medicine, environmental protection,etc..

Contacts: Chen Yun
Telephone: 860769-22406633
Fax: 860769-22805958
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Address: 5 of the south urban Guan Promised Land of main road 255 very much of Dongguan of Guangdong Province

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