Measure high-pressure cable, high-pressure cable thermoscope cable thermoscope YT-DL of temperature of electric wire


Types YT-DL series is infrared thermoscope it is every one can non-contact temperature ges walkie to measure targeted temperature, divided into two concrete types YT-DLJ-30, YT-DLY-30 according to the distance factor. Can apply electricity, railroad system to extensively, use for, measure, fail, turn electric line, the intersection of converting station and the intersection of electric equipment and connect and temperature of contact system into, can also measure the temperatures of different body surface used in other trade non-contacting at the same time.

Second, operating principle

Any is higher than absolute zero (- 273.5 ¡æ) Object infrared in meeting radiation for energy. The infrared thermoscope makes the infrared radiation of the testee have one that chose that was seen through through the precision optical system, and through infrared light energy assemble get probe,last corresponding electric signal energy probe, and then compensate the analog to digital converter, linearization and radiance through the electronic circuit, reveal temperature value on the liquid crystal display with the thermometric scale finally.

Products outside drawing of Fig. 1

Type: YT-DLJ-30

Type: YT-DLY-30

Fig. is 2 Liang type products appearance

Third, main technical parameter of instrument

Temperature measurement range

-30 ¡æ- 300 ¡æ

Survey accuracy

¡À is t¡À 2 ¡æ2% (t is reading value)

Spectral response

8um – -14um


1 ¡æ


¡À 1% or ¡À of the reading value is 1 ¡æ

Aim at the way

Coaxial laser aiming

Show and keep

Show keeping for 8 seconds

Distance factor

160: 1(SD-160)

200: 1(SD-200)

The radiance is revised

0.40- 1.00

Storage function

100 temperature points

Output interface


Instrument power consumption

Less than or equal to 50mA

Light button of the background

Laser switch

Use the environmental condition

Ambient temperature – 30 ¡æ- 50 ¡æ

The instrument supplies power

Laminated cell of 2 9Vs

Exterior size

High 220mm X long 236mm X thick 64mm



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