Handheld radiation dosage rate detector


Brand: Jia is majestic

Name: Handheld radiation dosage rate detector

Type: Palm RAD 907

About products:

Palm RAD 907 handheld radiation dosage rate detector

The products are detailed:

907 Palm RAD handheld the radiation dosage rate detector ‘ α、β、γ and X radiation dose monitoring instrument) It is a delicate survey and measuring instrument, used for finding the radioactive substance and guaranteeing the personal security is healthy. Palm RAD 907 adopts a 2 inches of flat type (pancake) GM tube surveys α、β、γ and roentgen rays, it is highly sensitive, can adopt mR/hr according to your choice, CPM, CPS or μ unit Sv/hr reveal reading. And the dead time for autocompensation GM tube of instrument prevents blocking in the high response field against the saturation circuit, it has got rid of in the peak output quantum the instrument reading fails.
The instrument can carry on the regular reading from one minute to 24 hours, is used for the low-level radioactive contamination of precision measure. Ours ” The safety first ” Graduation characteristic,also it get rid of radiation exposure of graduation technician.
The person who supports on-the-spot first response uses
Law enforcement is checked
Meet an urgent need and respond to
Quality control
The dangerous cargo is monitored
Data renewal, fast response of 3 seconds
Firm and suitable for using live in the fielding
There are data acquisition timers
There are cant and warning mode
Technical feature and characteristic:
1,Liquid crystal display of quad bit
2,Measure α、β、γ and roentgen rays
3,Count measuring, measuring and dosage rate measurement of total count
4,Regular measurement in 1 – 24 hours
5,Respond to energy the most low: 20Kev (gamma-ray) ,It is 5.8Cps / μ Sv/h to Cs-137 source;
Survey lower limit: It is 0.02 microcuries to I-125;
6,Efficiency ( 4π) : Keep in touch: To the Sr-90 source about 38%, C-14 source about 5.3%; P32 source about 33%; Co-60 source about 3%
7,G-M counter tube, effective diameter 45mm, the density 1.5-2.0mg/Cm&sup3 of mica window; ;
8,Precision μ Sv/h: Less than or equal to 500μ Sv/h; Less than or equal to 15% at the time of the range, is less than or equal to 20% in 500-1000μ Sv/h range;
CPS: Less than or equal to 15% when being less than or equal to 2500 CPS range, is less than or equal to 20% in 2500-5000CPS range;
9,Measurement unit: This detector

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