Generator 260GFT of biogas of _ Shandong of energy-conserving efficiency of the biogas generating set


    Wei workshop is able to bear the general special gas burning power plant limited company and offer a generator price of biogas, gas burning generator, solution and principle of professional systematization of the natural gas generator, the use of the biogas generator is more and more popular in the countryside now, not merely reduce environmental contamination, also the requirements for people’s daily life bring convenience, it is that the gas pool of natural pond adopts and pushes the flow anaerobic fermentation craft in the biogas generating set, the gas pool of natural pond needs to reach the normal atmospheric temperature ability gas producing of 10 to 25 ¡æ, through building the underground pool, thickening the thermal insulation of soil horizon, utilizing means of sterilizing the moisture and flowing etc. of retrieving heating, pig house of hydration flue gas of generator heat, under the climatic condition of 1 to 3 ¡æ of minimum temperature of winter, make the temperature of the gas pool of natural pond reach over 19 ¡æ, have already installed and run 60 kilowatts of biogas generating set of nearly one month, can generate electricity for 6 to 8 hours every day, solve winter because the intersection of temperature and low technological difficult problem that gas producing can not generate electricity, help peasants to use the difficult problem in winter on greater intensity. The generator specializing in various types of and power of our company, please phone or look over detailed product introduction and price:

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