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Electromagnetic radiation analysis meter SMP600 of converting station

Electromagnetic radiation analysis meter of converting station The electromagnetic radiation analysis meter of converting station, are used for evaluating various electromagnetic environments and human body’s safe environments. Totally follow the main current standard in the People’s Republic of China, it is not the ionizing radiation to measure extremely accurately. u Omnibearing electromagnetic field probe of […]

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Step-by-step driver type complete collections of MD-2 of direct current of Japan MD-2 two phase of Shenzhen

Contact: Liu Mr. ( Sales manager) Tel.: 13929401676 Contact: Ye Mr. ( Sales engineer) Tel.: 13538532223 Fixed telephone number: 0769-85269398 Company’s fax: 0769-85269528 QQ: 987956228 Websites: 1. The stepping motor changes the electric pulse signal into the open loop control component of angular rotation or linear displacement. Are not exceeding the complete collections of […]

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ECOTTER capacitive label sensor CFU-100CFU-100

ECOTTER CFU-100 capacitive label sensor Submit the article: Mechanical manufacturing technology Development Co., Ltd. of the work of nature of Shenzhen 2017/11/25 17:40:01 Star: Popularity: 75 Key word: Sensor CFU-100 labeller of the label Product classification: Discrete sensor Brand: ECOTTER About products: ECOTTER capacitive label sensor CFU-100 Product introduction Employ and design Safeguard maintenance Type […]

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Three phases mix the soft actuator G3JA-CG3JA-C

[color =# 000000 ] ‘ B ] it realize whether bypass electrical relay and electric motors built-in start / stop by actuator that is small and exquisite steadily ‘ /B ] [/color ] [color =# FF0000 ] [B ] is in order to prevent the impact when starting, needs to adopt soft turn on. Adopted […]

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485 unites the mesh-type central air conditioner thermostat iTC602

The iTC602 series 485 of thinking of sea unite the contact type room thermostat of liquid crystal of mesh-type, inherit the sea and think of the consistent high-quality design, make the idea. This series of products adopt the large screen digital display control technique, the high-performance ARM microcomputer chip, the output device of world first-class […]

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Port KYF8K-M8-K3 of port 12 of M8 line concentrator 8 of junction box of induction switch

With the mass use of integrated circuit routing of the industrial automation higher M8 line concentrator, all kinds of environment for use expedites the emergence of more appropriate appearance structure; ” Co-fly ” responds to market demand, M8 line concentrator can connect a plurality of sensors, and pass sensory and corresponding signal and mains voltage […]

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MFC gas quality flow controller DSN-MFC500

Dongguan the intersection of city and Der happy electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. was establish so far in 2002, the company researches and develops, designs, produces DSN series products – gas quality flow controller, flow indicator, flowrate display instrument independently, electronic controlling valve, gas mixed appearance,etc.. Such characteristics as the high, repeatability of the precision […]

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Ann sets up Anristu MS9740A spectrum analyzer MS9740A

Ann sets up Anristu MS9740A spectrum analyzer Tan YanFei ( General manager) –S Jiang (specially help) MS9740A spectrum analyzer, shortening scanning from the waveform to the whole testing time for data transmission to the external control equipment by a wide margin, and simplify and analyze the step, have very good cost performance, will make contributions […]

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Measure high-pressure cable, high-pressure cable thermoscope cable thermoscope YT-DL of temperature of electric wire

Types YT-DL series is infrared thermoscope it is every one can non-contact temperature ges walkie to measure targeted temperature, divided into two concrete types YT-DLJ-30, YT-DLY-30 according to the distance factor. Can apply electricity, railroad system to extensively, use for, measure, fail, turn electric line, the intersection of converting station and the intersection of electric […]

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Multi-functional digital alternating and direct current crest voltmeter YJ

The digital mains frequency crest voltmeter is tested for the direct-flow upper voltage, ge that is designed of high-voltage test of mains frequency. Technological characteristic: The negative polarity direct-current volts straight in measurable quantity of this instrument, exchanges the crest value of the sine-wave voltage, crest value / 2,Rms value ( Available) . In order […]

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