Assembly line BC2088-66XL of Nanjing


The intersection of Nanjing and the intersection of assembly line and series – belt the intersection of line and the intersection of assembly line and the intersection of production line and apparatus the intersection of automation equipment and Co., Ltd. professional to design and make by rich to assemble Nanjing, this apparatus adopts bilateral rectangular work bench, middle belt thread continuous productive process structural style, the assembly manipulation of worker’s face-to-face position of sitting, frequency conversion or electronic speed governing, operate steadily reliably, the handling safety is convenient, dispose lighting device, air passage and fast interrupting, tool overhead rail, operation card glass and support, putting the thing platform, multi-functional socket,etc., can match the fan, drawer, pump waste gas system, tool cabinet, part box, small tool to hang the rail etc. again, the agent structure has many kinds of materials such as aluminium material, steel products, stainless steel for customer to choose from, the global apparatus is esthetic, applicable, environmental protection, economy, professional quality, sincerity serve, reach the device context in 24 hours inside the province after sale and corresponding, safeguard free in one year, lifetime follow-up service, inquiries are welcome! Patronize! Cooperation!

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Telephone: 86025-84048888
Fax: 86025- 52761676
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Address: Auspicious road No. 6 of the good fortune of garden that the river would rather be high-new

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