485 unites the mesh-type central air conditioner thermostat iTC602


The iTC602 series 485 of thinking of sea unite the contact type room thermostat of liquid crystal of mesh-type, inherit the sea and think of the consistent high-quality design, make the idea. This series of products adopt the large screen digital display control technique, the high-performance ARM microcomputer chip, the output device of world first-class quality, high sensitive contact type key set are operated, modularization power, the components and parts adopt the technical grade standard, , reliability service and realizing intelligent energy-conservation, ensuring human comfortableness to offer the reliable technological assurance in order that the precision, system of promoting controlling the temperature are more steady.
Fig. 1 Think of 485 and unite the touch-type air conditioner thermostat of mesh-type in the sea

First, iTC602 series 485 unite the contact type room thermostat products summary of liquid crystal of the mesh-type

In the building in automatic control trade employ, RS485 field bus technology is regarded as the open, low cost, mature communication technology of technology, widely used. Control valid energy-conservation to the end fan coil unit of central air conditioner, it is the important constituent element controlled in energy-conservation of central air conditioner. Unite the contact type room thermostat of liquid crystal of mesh-type in the sea series iTC602 based on that RS485 bus line technology researches and develops independently of thinking, suitable for controlling, controlling the water system four times, apply to the heating of the advanced property, networked intellectual control of indoor temperature of refrigeration central air conditioner extensively two times. The operation panel can presume the indoor temperature value that you hope conveniently and swiftly, presume the air blower three-speed, water valve opening/closing, the control of eight interval of time, achieve the comfortable, energy-conserving goal.

Second, iTC602 series 485 unite the contact type room thermostat products characteristic of liquid crystal of the mesh-type

1,RS485 bus line communication interface, it is apt to insert the building automatic control system;

2,Communication protocol: Modbus RTU, the communication baud rate of acquiescence is 9600bps/s;

3,The thermostat is regarded as Modbus slave station, 31 joinable thermostats of 485 bus lines of one;

4,Displayable work pattern, setting temperature, indoor temperature, indoor humidity, operational mode, wind speed, clock, water valve opening/closing of operation panel;

5,The operation panel adopts the top-grade contact type key set, cooperate with macro-screen type liquid crystal display, the interface is more friendly;

6,Adopt the high-performance modularization power, offer the stable work environment for systematic reliability service;

7,Adopt the electrical relay of world first-class quality as the output control device, reliability is higher, the life-span is longer;

8,Adopt the high-performance microcomputer control chip technology, has improved stability and anti-interference that this machine runs, and offer strong technical support for the fact that the further function is expanded;

9,The regular function of four interval of time, the parameter can presume, the energy-conserving result is better;

10,Support to control, control the water system four times two times;

11,Support the two-wire system, electronic water valve of three wire system;

12,Highly sensitive touch-type key set, promote users to experience degree, and lengthen the thermostat life time;

13,The preferential principle of remote control, guarantee the effective energy-conservation of air conditioner of indoor;

14,The white carries the grain side board, it is convenient to operate at night;

15,Protect the function at low temperature. The thermostat is in shut-down state, when indoor temperature is lower than ¡æ5, the thermostat opens the heating and reveals automatically ” ” The symbol, the air blower runs and turns on the motor driven valve (molding four tubes turn on the hot water valve) at a high speed automatically . When indoor temperature rises to 7 ¡æ, the automatic closing of the thermostat shut downs. Guarantee the indoor fan coil unit and safe operation under the environment of low-temperature of the relevant apparatus;

16,The appearance design of the fashion, it is apter to incorporate the house ornamentation environment;

17,The supply indicator is adopted ” Breathe ” The type is designed, humanization;

18,The standard 86 box is installed.

Third, iTC602 series 485 unite thermostat performance index and parameter 1, working power of mesh-type room: 85V 280V hands in D. C. supply, 50/60Hz; ? 2,Control signal: Establish the electricity by cable and close signals; 3,Exterior size: 86mmx86mmx37mm; 4,The temperature presumes the range: 5 ¡æ- 45 ¡æ; 5,The temperature reveals the definition: 0.1 ¡æ; 6,The control accuracy of the temperature: ¡À is 0.5 ¡æ; ? Examine the warm error: Less than or equal to 0.5 ¡æ; 7,The humidity reveals the definition: 1%.

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