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First. Summary HY-SY-C + accurate digital pressure gauge is a high-accuracy, multi-functional reference instrument that our company develops for on-the-spot pressure instrument of check-up, have pressure measurement, electric current measuring, 24VDC power output function, it is combined as a whole that organic with the handheld force pump, realize the pressure (differential pressure) correctly Transducer, pressure […]

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Power 115/230 DR10ALMMT-115/230DR10AL of direct current machine speed controller / direct-flow speed governing

MMT-115/230DR10AL operation instructions First, sum up: MMT – silicon controlled rectifier series are to adopt unique trigger ways to make their work more re liable, more steady, adopt SMT technology, such characteristics as the volume is little, the structure is simple and convenient, the power is great. Have already got application in the extensive field […]

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Panasonic PLC FPG-C32T2H( AFPG2643H) FPG-C32T2H

Panasonic PLC FPG-C32T2H( AFPG2643H) FPG series essential information: 1. Most suitable for the saving in space, network-type of price economy and raise the clothes to control. The control axis of maximum is counted 16 axles. Can realize at a high speed the intersection of 100Mbps and the intersection of high precision and 2 the intersection […]

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Discovery intellectual a heat detector ‘ 58000-450)58000-450

Discovery intellectual a heat detector ‘ 58000-450) Applicable base 45681-321 (take the isolater) 45681-210 l Characteristic: Chosen different work patterns according to surveying the environment live, can work and survey difference in constant temperature warmly to survey the mode. Built-in APOLLO specialized microprocessor and electrical erasable storage chip, use the advanced algorithm to survey and […]

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FINETEK switch All original packaging Taiwan should

Fuzhou dose moistens Electronics Co., Ltd. – –Strongly deep and vast Q Q: 346422796 telephone numbers: 0591-83221190 Fax: 0591-83204790 Mobile: 18950210940 E – -MAIL: / . FINETEK Taiwan is all should be original packaging to import, the supply of special price, all serial switches FINETEK ***Process control of the liquid ***Hinder é_êP of […]

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Tour star reducer Reducer HF of the gear

TYPE: HF horizontal form axial type: Horizontal Type Size class picture DIM.TABLE (mm) Size Fran Flange exerts oneself in the axis Output Shaft key Key motor frame number IEC specification MOTOR FRAMECEFGHIMNZLRLSSJTWY 200 90 140 90 13 150 53 156 120 4-12 30 35 24 M 8 7 8 27 63A-71B 280 110 170 125 […]

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Thatch of human relations Deceleration machine belt servomotor planet wheel deceleration machine belt servomotor of the planet wheel

Accurate high dynamical positioning The deceleration servomotor of the planet wheel, repeatability is high, quality remains the same from beginning to end Running torque range: 4 to 1000 Nm (0.25 to 20.3 kW) Especially suitable for: Package packing machine, printing and papermaking engaging in, material handling / robot field,etc.. We design for you: Two-step reducer […]

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Three ³ž S5300 of Taiwan coils the specialized frequency converter S5300-4T15G of tension control

Specialized frequency converter of Taiwan SANCH – three ³ž’s S5300 series tension control Product specification: 380V1.5KW-200KW Product function characteristic: One that the ³ž electricity researches and develops in the S5300 series frequency converter department three adopts the most advanced control technique to be used in the specialized frequency converter of high performance of curly tension […]

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Increment type IG06 increment type photoelectric code device IG06 of photoelectric code device

Increment type photoelectric code device IG06 Longeval cabinet, the hollow shaft is designed Characteristic: Maximum definition 1024 pulse /look around Internal diameter & Phi of hollow shaft; 20 mm The cabinet of impact-resistance is designed, high cost performance Parameter Name Data Remarks The rotational speed 6000 min-1 W02 of maximum, W04 600 min-1 W01, W01N […]

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Specially sell CMP21 sun total radiant sensor Dutch Kipp&Zonen in Beijing

Specially sell CMP21 sun total radiant sensor in Beijing Dutch Kipp Zonen sun total radiant sensor CMP21 The sun radiometer of the rank of high performance study, accord with international ISO 9060 Grade two. Used for measuring the sun radiant flux ‘ Unit watt/m2) , Including being worth penetrating and random incidence. Have temperature compensation […]

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