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6SY7000-0AE01 module Siemens

Lu JunXian 18964545723 QQ 712735128 Private plane 021-31261686-603 Supply Siemens with module 6DD1661-0AD0 Supply Siemens with 6SE7038-6GL84-1HJ1 Supply with Siemens CUD1 main board C98043-A7001-L2 Supply with Siemens CUR main board C98043-A1680-L1 Supply Siemens with a spare part 6SE7038-6GL84-1JA1 Supply with the board 6SE7090-0XX84-0BD1 of Siemens’ communication Supply Siemens with a main board 6SE7090-0XX85-1DA0 Supply Siemens […]

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ZK-A type exceeds and shakes the monitor

ZK-A type exceeds and shakes the exceeding and shaking and controlling protecting of large-scale mechanical equipment that the monitor is used mainly in continuous running. May prevent operating not normal and shaking the range to increase, cause apparatus damage and personnel’s casualty accidently because of the apparatus from. And maintains the essential monitoring instrument for […]

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DLY1-1- 99 transfers to the microcomputer over speed switch

A range Model DLY1 microcomputer over speed switch ( Hereafter referred to as the over speed switch) Suitable for the nominal voltage 220 and following, in the controlling circuit with frequency of 50HZ, can be regarded as the slow speed (the apparatus rotational speed is required in 0.1r/m 9.9r/m or 1~99r/m) The ones that rotated […]

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9185sc the intersection of U.S.A. and Kazakhstan wish HACH online ozone analysis instrument

Instrument characteristic Adopt the alternative membrane electrode; Do not receive PH, chlorine, bromine, chlorine dioxide in samples or cross and oxidize the interfering with of hydrogen; It only takes several seconds to change the course of the membrane; Measure the principle O3 is in the gold electrode (negative pole) Have and reduce: O3+ H2O+ 2e- […]

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Bale and take the specialized welding machine

Very ultrasonic the intersection of apparatus and Co., Ltd. (Hong 13771440300, 13771036770 Wang, Buddhist nun of Wuxi, ) The speciality, in order to make the plastic part of automobile body, car door, car car instrument, car light car mirror, sunshading board, inside gadget, filter, the intersection of car and oil cup, that lubricator become […]

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Fast than the surface analysis instrument

The characteristic 1, determining fast, a test result of 5 minutes, is suitable for producing and measuring online on average; 2,Can be many the way tests, it is high in efficiency to test at the same time; 3,Need one gas only ‘ It is angry that 20% N2/He mix or 20% N2/H2 mix angry) It […]

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STC-200kg sensor STC-200kg producer

Producer’s supply of STC-200kg sensor price, U.S.A. CeltronSTC-200kg weighs the special price of the sensor favourably, China’s formal agent’s global fast-selling supply of Quan’s sensor of STC-200kg generation, sincere to employ China every province, Celtron Quan STC-200kg weigh the sensor, sell the intersection of cooperation and trader generation. U.S.A. Quan CeltronSTC-200kg calls heavy sensor we […]

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E3S-LS3N photoelectric sensor

Specified value /Performance Measure the way Project Type Limit the reflecting type E3S-LS3N(T) /-LS3P(T) E3S-LS3NW(T) /-LS3PW(T) Testing range Blank sheet of paper 20- 35mm 10- 60mm Black paper 20- 30mm 15- 50mm Light source( Send the light wave to hang down) Red LED ( 660nm) Power voltage DC12- 24V± 10%th, pulse (p-p) Under 10%) Consume […]

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Blow up and examine and shake the appearance M20 | The far field edition is shaken and monitored

Blow up and examine and shake the appearance M20 | The far field edition is shaken and monitored Blow up the shock wave and travel and explode the far field zone time outside 50 meters of sources to the distance, mainly reduce frequently, incident to shake, superpose, destruction to goal shield obvious, so blow up, […]

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Germany NOVO sensor GNC-I

Ø All no rust steel material Ø Can install and integrate it in vivo to hydraulic pressure and cylinder piston jar Ø There is no mechanical life time, magnetostriction measurement principle Ø Image output of standard simulation Ø 0.04% of precision Ø It is 0.005% to repeat the precision, have no relations with quantum Ø […]

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