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The special price promotes Siemens Profibus DP cable

LAPP 2170220 uses solid bare copper wire conductor as the core wire, the core of the L2 cable 2 is rejected, the purple PVC outer protective sleeve. Have good signal transmission performance.

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Modbus transfers to PROFIBUS-DP communication gateway converter

Modbus has transferred to the rich automatic gateway PM-120 of PROFIBUS-DP Shanghai Si and realized the data communication that Modbus transferred to PROFIBUS-DP. Joinable a plurality of has Modbus( RS485) The serial port apparatus of the interface is to PROFIBUS-DP, Modbus( RS485) The network equipment is changed into PROFIBUS-DP network equipment

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Download the line / USB to transfer to TTL / serial port and transfer to TTL/TTL shieldlet with USB-TTL converter / STC

It is the adapter with USB2.0 interface and No. TTL interface 1 to download the line USB-TTL converter with USB-TTL converter / STC, can carry on two-way data transmission. Serve as important debugging tool in TTL bus line products development process.

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ZYG25TC thermocouple signal isolater

It is a core not to have recording meter of paper to adopt advanced CPU small-scaly, because of the intelligent, networked, digitized design idea, and complement it with large scale integrated circuit, signal intelligence recuperating, SmartBus bus and technical new intelligent small-scale instrument of exquisite constructional design

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Bus line terminal 750-430

750-430 8 passways of digital quantity load modules; DC 24 V; 3.0 ms

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Converters from RS232/422/485 to TCP/IP of No. 16

Processor: The megs of storage of the 32-bit microcomputer 100: 8 trillion

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The new worker accuses of CAN bus line converter (RS485,USB) on the day of ACTRLRUN department

RS232 transfers to CAN, USB transfers to CAN, PC104 transfers to CAN, the PCI bus CAN

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Si rich company of Shanghai common serial port transfers to PROFIBUS-DP gateway

The apparatus having RS485/RS232 interfaces can all use this product to realize the interlinkage with the field bus PROFIBUS.

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Grind China's intelligence and gather the module, grind the module of China, Input/Output of Ethernet

ADAM6000 series analog quantity, I/O module of digital quantity, electrical relay output module,

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[Shanghai Si is rich ] CAN transfers to PROFIBUS-DP gateway

Shanghai Si rich automatic gateway PCA-100 supports the apparatus with CAN interface to be connected to Profibus-DP, change CAN network equipment into Profibus-DP network equipment. Take Profibus interface of slave station.

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